Impact of LinkedIn on Recruitment [INFOGRAPHIC]

When we talk about IT sector, there are constant shortages. And as a recruiter you must always stay ahead of notice when it comes on finding potential candidates for your company or organization. For this you have to keep in mind the online social networking sites like facebook or LinkedIn. The reason that the job board sites are if you post vacancies, you will be flooded with thousands of unqualified resume spam. It will not only increase the time duration but also it will be a very complicated procedure.

In comparison to other online job boards like,, etc. social networking sites are quite superior. People need to realize that online social networking is growing substantially day by day.

Recruiting is can now be done in largely different ways. Considering social networking sites it’s quick, simple and stress free. LinkedIn was basically founded for social networking of people in professional occupations, but now with more than 200 million users from more than 200 countries is now playing a major role in recruitment of employees.

We are pleased to share an infographic here conveying a message how LinkedIn has actually revolutionized the world of recruiting.

LinkedIn - Revolutionizing the World of Recruiting
Source: LinkedIn – Revolutionizing the World of Recruiting

Secrets to Achieve Career Success


Career is one’s expedition through learning, work and relevant countenance of his life. It can be defined in different way for every person. I always see people asking for the secrets to successful career. The one and only answer is self confidence. It might seem a bit strange but it’s the real first step to success. Self confidence is the base. All you need to do is build confidence.

How to do it?

Positive Attitude

Keep a positive attitude. In even the worst situation keep self-confidence. Always keep in mind you can overcome the circumstances. All you need is strong will. Once you get a bit of self confidence, you will automatically feel it. Go for public speeches, discussions, keep yourself boosted up. It will take a bit of time, but once it gets going it’s never going to decrease.

Belief and Confidence

Do whatever you are good before doing something that you feel you can’t. Everything is possible with belief and confidence. Like if you are good at chess, have a game, if you are good at puzzles, solve one before doing something that scares you. It works as a confidence booster. Honestly speaking this is how this article started for me. These things are just meant to make you feel better and re-establish your belief on yourself.

Tackle something that makes you scared. Do something that you are scared to. Doing this, also gives a huge boost of confidence. Once you do this, just hold onto it. Keep yourself motivated and carry on the momentum. Just don’t let it taper off.

Get into the Network

Let people know what ever you are looking forward to as your career goals. People will always guide to the person who knows more about the field more. It is really helpful for beginners.

Let people Inspire you

Get in contacts with people who are already at a peak of their career. Aspiring people inspire others. It doesn’t matter if you don’t share the same indignation. It is infective. Get yourself infected.

Characterize your ideal job

Nothing is more important that knowing what you want in your career. It’s always important what you want because at the end of the day it’s all about the future life you are going to get. I always thought how exciting would it be to become a professor until I became a teacher on teacher’s day. It’s extremely crucial to determine before you start searching for job. Just think on it and figure it out properly.

Act before you are ready to roll

People often decide to wait until they have it all figured out and prepared for it. But the thing is there is always going to be someone who will be having more experience that you. Just you always learn from your mistakes. If you decide to do something , and you end up doing that, by the time you reach the end you will have it all figured out. It’s not always necessary that a different thing is always wrong. Be innovative and get rolling.

Facebook: New Trend for Job search in 2013

facebook-job-searchThe words Facebook and Work look contradictory to each other. Even a lot of companies and high profile firms have blocked it from their offices as it is nothing more than a time pass tool. Facebook has nearly 300 million users. It is almost equal to population of USA. It is the world second most visited website behind Google. Also a lot of people have been fired from their posts due to inappropriate posting about their work and employers. You should be very careful about Privacy Settings. Actually a smart person can use facebook as a tool to find jobs. Here are some tips and tricks for help.

Privacy Settings

When you are searching for a job on social networking sites like facebook, take care of your page carefully and see to it that your brush up your page or profile before starting the search. Keep your privacy settings to such a level that no one other than the people you want can see your photos, recent posts, groups you belong to, pages and people you follow, etc. In short clean up your profile properly before starting.

Professional Networking

Facebook is just more than a social networking site. There are a lot of resources which can be useful while searching for a job. There are a lot of pages, applications, groups related to job search.

Networking is one of the most important thing for job search on social networks like facebook. Via Facebook you can find out people recruiting employees for a certain organization. You can get a upper hand in getting a job if you find some mutual friends or people.

The easiest way to let your friends and family know that you are searching for a job is updating status. Helping is in human nature. And when asked for in public like status, discussions, etc, you are likely to get helped.

Market Place

Facebook market place is also a good way to get going. You can check out local job listings. You can easily get the name of the person who posted this job. You can either give out an application or even directly connect to this person for more information on this. Although facebook market place is not that compendious you can always refer it as there is particularly less completion on any job posts posted here.

Joining new groups and public discussions are also very beneficial. Be active and get going in the public discussions on such groups. You need to catch the eye of the other people in such groups in a positive and innovative manner. After you are in the group for quite a while, then start sending people your friend requests which are likely to get accepted. The goal behind these things is networking, and once you get noted by other people in your industry for a good reason, it is likely that you can be considered for a job even before the posted publicly.


Actually in the upcoming years it will be quite be simpler to get jobs on Facebook for its net active users. Currently it is not even close to LinkedIn for job searching but is estimated to overtake it in near future.

4 Cover Letter Tips to Help You Get Hired

cover-letterA cover letter is posted with the resume. A cover letter can be the first and the last chance to impress the employer. People always keep in mind the importance of a well-created resume and take a fair bit of time and help for creating it. But formulating a cover letter is equally important. People always neglect the importance of cover letters and hence get rejected as a result. Neglecting a cover letter is a huge mistake in an extremely competitive job market. An employer rejects about more than 75% people based on cover letters itself.

Get to the point

While composing a cover letter, always create it from the point of view of the reader or employer rather than yours. It will help you judge your cover letter better. The basic goal behind a cover letter is to ignite an employer to read your CV.

Always get to the point. Buttering won’t help you get the job. Employers usually get dozens of application and it’s obvious that they won’t have a lot of time so that they can read all. Be straight forward enlist what you are applying for and start writing your qualifications and previous work experience.

Try to keep it short and simple and to the point rather than lengthy, boring and dull. One should take care about the spelling and grammatical error. Such error can make bad impression on the minds of the employer. They think that you didn’t take it seriously.

Be a Professional

Address your cover letter to a specific person rather than “To Whom It May Concern”. Such cover letters are considered as trash and are always rejected. Don’t forget to get the name of the addressee.

Be a professional. Always present yourself as a competent or atleast a rising amateur. Employers usually don’t hire people who are unprofessional or emotionally immature.


Never send a look-alike cover letter to different companies. Take some time, research about the company, enlist some of the recent news and achievements. This will impress the employers and probably convince them for reading your CV.

Never state anything about your current or previous job. Eg. Complaining about the past employers, infrastructure where you worked previously. Keep them aside because they seem true at times but In the end its very unprofessional

Write about your past experiences and achievements relevant to the job. Write something like why are you so motivated. In short make it easier for the employer to see that you are right for the position.

Take care

Take care of the cover letter. Don’t let it have any wear and tear. Such cover letters make an evil impression about the applicant’s carelessness. These kinds of cover letters are rejected without even having a look.

Form a Concrete Impression Through an Attractive Professional CV

resumeAs it is said, ‘first impression is the last impression’ – same is the concept applied by the recruiters who are responsible of hiring new staff in their company. Every recruiter has a similar mindset or the criteria that needs to be fulfilled by the individuals giving the interview.

Curriculum Vitae or CV is something that depicts the identity of an individual as a whole. Moreover, at some point or the other, an individual will definitely come across a phase wherein he might need to prepare his CV. Now, preparing a CV is too easy as we need to just mention about ourselves! Still, a lot of importance is given on its formation as well as presentation because it is a medium through which a recruiter gets to know about the individual. So, if you are one amongst them who is intending to prepare one of your own, check out certain CV tips mentioned below which can   help you to form a great impression in front of the recruiter!

People have false perceptions that framing a CV is a thing that can be done by any Tom, Dick and Harry. This is not at all true because framing it without any proper presentation will lose the interest of the recruiters at one go! Hence, it becomes imperative to have assistance from professional and good CV writers who already have their share of experience in the same for long.

Tips for framing a better professional CV:

  • One way of preparing a best CV is going through various CV samples or CV templates that have come across your life – of the people around or from the best source of today – internet! It will definitely provide you with the basic insights of the formation and presentation part of the CV. Though, it is but obvious, that a CV won’t be the only criteria for winning a job, but it is surely one of the important one apart from the personal interviews. Your CV enables you to meet to various recruiters where you can prove yourself best through your powerful communication, personality as well as the knowledge.
  • A cover letter that expresses your interest regarding the job should always be attached with our professional resume. This is vital as it depicts your interest regarding a particular job to the core and can be an additional point for you to impress the recruiter.
  • It has been noticed that people don’t consider the writing format – which actually is very important. You just can’t select any fancy fonts as it can give a negative impact to the recruiter.
  • Not only this, the content involved in it should even be taken care of! For an individual who is opting for big position such as a manager, a section that states your hobbies, interests, and other activities is not needed at all. So, it is important to identify the position and then frame your resume by going through other resume samples.
  • A recruiter is a person who gets hundreds of CVs on a daily basis. Hence, it becomes utterly important to frame your CV in such a manner that it catches the eye of the recruiter. Try to make it look uncommon – different from others! Avoid long descriptions, try to make it to the point and avoid creating a boring and a lengthy CV. Try to club your strengths and qualities and represent them in a way that can make the recruiter feel it’s real worth which can be utilized in the interest of the company!
  • Do mention about your experience in your past jobs, if any! It holds a great importance as a recruiter will always give preference to the experienced ones.
  • Do not forget to give effective titles or sub-headings to your resume. Also, include bullets by forming sentences as short points so that the recruiter finds it easy to read!

Thus, by following the above guidelines, one can try a hand on making his professional CV. Apart from your personal interview and luck factor, this professional CV will surely play a part in creating a good image in front of the recruiter as well as in reaping in the rewards in the form of the best job in the industry.

Tips for Creating a Strong Impression Through a Professional CV

cv-guideIn this competitive era, it has become imperative to follow the concept of being unique and being different. If an individual imitates the footsteps of the large crowd, he won’t be able to create his own identity in the corporate world. For creating your own stand, what you require is to be the odd one out in some or the other thing that can outshine you from others.

The most difficult part or phase of an individual’s life is when he is an amateur in the corporate world. Just completing the education, the individuals gear up with all the fresh knowledge and confidence to crack the interviews and aiming to get selected in the top notch corporate companies. For this, the first and foremost requirement is to prepare a professional CV. CV or a curriculum vita is considered to be something that reveals the person to the recruiter. For this very reason, every individual must be very careful while framing his or her CV so that he can create a good impression on the recruiter as the first thing that the recruiters come across of an individual is nothing but his CV!

It is quite obvious that an amateur will find difficulties in preparing his CV and so, for this, he should either take the help of his near and dear ones who can correctly guide with the same or one can even resort to internet – the most trusted medium to frame it correctly. There are many CV samples and CV templates on the internet where one can resort to for taking the required guidance.

Framing a CV is not at all a difficult task. It just requires proper framing and formation along with a better presentation so that a recruiter automatically gets interested to know further. There are certain CV tips that can be helpful to such beginners in creating their strong impression in front of the recruiters!

Points to consider:

A professional resume is something which should never involve long stories. It should rather be straightforward – point to point!

  • The things which you are planning to include should be true as well as relevant to the post for which you are going to apply. It should include the work history if any, your educational background, your achievements and your own background.
  • Apart from the content, the other thing required is presentation. With perfect bullets and fonts, one should frame the sentences to the point that too with proper English. A messed up page will never be entertained by the recruiter.
  • The other thing that is mandatory is to have a cover letter along with your CV. A cover letter is a thing that signifies the position for which the candidate is applying for! It even includes a basic description about the experience and other details of the job. A cover letter should also be short and sweet and it should be framed in such a way that the recruiter gets more and more engrossed with the CV – as it is said, CV is definitely the first impression, and hence everything in it should be just perfect!
  • The next thing is mentioning about your qualities and experience for that respective position that you are applying. Always try to mention the qualities that will give a boost to the position. Skills are something that every recruiter will be interested to know so that their organization can be benefited by it! In short, this section should be kept simple, clear and precise. Bluffing is not at all allowed here. So always keep in mind to mention only those skills which you actually have!

By following these guidelines, you will definitely end up with a better professional resume which will be free of errors. Moreover, its presentation will definitely catch the eyes of the recruiter and will interest him to know further about you where you can woo him with your actual skills and capabilities by bagging an offer letter for your dream job!


Tips To Create An Eye-Striking Entry Level Resume

professional-cvEntry level resumes are usually for college graduates for the purpose of internship or early experience. While writing a entry level resume always take care of the length of the resume. A short and an apt resume usually gets more number of employers. Ignore including something that is irrelevant to the applied job. Basically, an entry level resume is of 1-2 page length. Try to include all the job related information in these 2 pages.

For a student or a just passed out college graduate it is obvious that he doesn’t possess any professional work experience, hence a person writing an entry level resume must take care that he mentions his key skills in the resume. Also the mentioned skills must be relevant to the job you are applying for. One can also use bullet points to mention their key skills to make the relative section impressive and easy to read.

Always start the resume with a strong objective statement. Objective statement is a two to three liner paragraph giving information about the applicant’s aspirations and the benefits that one will offer to the company meanwhile achieving one’s career achievements.

Learn to customize your application. Ideally the employers look for the job relevant skills in the candidates while reviewing each application. Also the employers look for some kind of particular important skills that are necessary for the particular position. Try to figure out what the employers are looking for.

You cannot just take a paper and start writing your details. A proper resume should be in the correct format totally relevant to the post one is applying for. While writing an entry level resume one should always prefer for skill based format as the applicant has no work experience and this type of format is totally concentrated on one’s key skills and achievements.

One must take care that he avoids any grammatical and typographical errors before sending the application to the employer. Such errors and mistakes always create a bad first impression on the minds of the employer. Always check the application atleast thrice to avoid such errors.

One should always take care to avoid vague and unclear information. Never list false or vague information as it can create a negative impression on the minds of the employer. Usually such applications are barred out of the recruitment procedure.

Sample template for an entry level resume:

Basic Information:

1.    Name
2.    Address
3.    Contact number
4.    Email ID

Career Goals and Objectives:

Mention your career goals and objectives relevant to the particular post you are applying for.

Career Summary:

Give a brief introduction of your career background. List details in bullet points.

Major Skills and Achievements:

This is the most important part of an entry level applicant. Mention your key skills and achievements relevant to the job you are applying for. List the details in bulleted points to make your resume attractive.

Educational Qualifications:

List all the degrees you achieved in such a manner

1.    Highest Degree , Year of passing ,College/ University , Address
2.    Next Degree , Year of passing , College/ University , Address.

Academic Achievements, Experiences, Projects:

List it here if you have participated or volunteered for any event or function. If you have undergone any sort of internship in some company or industry make sure you add it too.  If there are relevant projects you have accomplished, Give it as follows:

1.    Project Name
2.    Field and Objective
3.    Complete Description

At the end of the application, try to explain your thoughts about the job and what you are willing to do for the company.