5 Google+ Tips to Get Noticed by Recruiters: Part 2

Google+ is unarguably one of the most popular social sites that are in the limelight due to its rising popularity among recruiters. In the previous part of this series, we gave you tips on how to get noticed on Google+. Here are some more tips to make you stand out on the social site by Google.

1. Hangout on Hangout
Hangout is a feature similar to Facebook except that files can be shared and discussions could be held in groups. Facebook has included adding people to groups just as G+ allows but circle feature of G+ makes it a point above the group chat of Facebook because the former considered more professional.

2. Keywords
If you are looking for a job in a relevant field, you ought to know the right keywords for it. You then use the keywords as much as possible; do not specifically write keywords as that may make it seem that you are being over smart. Ask questions and include keywords in the sentence. Keywords are words that recruiters would enter in search boxes when they are looking for a job.

3. ‘Brand’ yourself!
Social networks are meant to socialize; it is similar to socializing in the real world. In some way, people who socialize better are people who can market themselves well, at least in the professional world. It’s okay if you market yourself in the social market via G+; brands sell more than locals, you know. But make sure to keep your branding strictly to professional life, no matter how much popular you get.

4. Share related content
Sharing interesting related content on your social platform give an impression that you are serious regarding your career. This also helps in increasing your keyword volume without attracting spam detectors.

5. Interact
Now that you have a Decalogue of tips on how you could increase your presence on Google Plus, all you need to do to now is to keep it going on a consistent basis. There is no point if you fill your profile altogether and then keep it aside. This is because people won’t be able to notice you two days after those tens of posts you posted together.

Also, too much content updates, like 10-20 contents also are not a good option. Always be interactive and respond to comments and posts more often so that recruiters know you are active and interactive.

Recruiter’s Secrets: How They Use Your Profile Pictures

What’s in a picture, they say. Ok, we rephrased the original saying but we are just implying that there IS a lot to pictures. Pictures speak a thousand words (no rephrase here) which are probably why we end up clicking cute selfies and edit our pictures to keep it on our social profiles as ‘DP’ or display picture. To showcase our inner flexibility, we put different pics on different social sites. But do selfies and different pictures actually good for us professionally?

Power of the Picture
Keeping different profile picture are actually a thing of the past life – say, the college life for example. Professionally, they are not so appealing because no information can be derived out of them. Startled? Here’s a secret:

Recruiters my find your information over the web with the help of your picture and that may decide your likelihood of being selected as a prospective candidate.

How do they just do that?! Not by rocket science, of course. It was a complicated task associated with the federals but that was a long time. Today, Google makes this easy.

Google, Google all the way
Google has been at the forefront in almost every virtual sector. In recruitment too, this search engine is a smart tool for recruiters to find out more about you. There is an extension available for this process and is known as “Search by Image (by Google)”.

When a prospective candidate is shortlisted on recruiting sites, profile pictures are searched using Google after installing the extension. The result they get includes your Google+, Facebook, Twitter and almost all information available about on the internet.

Tips for the recruit
Now that you know the secret of many lucrative employers, you need to take steps to ensure that all your positive qualities and work experience are highlighted. But that is second step; first, you need to make sure you are listed on Google whenever your image is searched.

For this, it is required that you keep the same profile picture in all your social profiles. So the question: “But do selfies and different pictures actually good for us professionally?”

Different pictures are not preferred just so that searching using Google is easy. (Google has started indexing pictures and is probably storing it by our names, the result of which may reflect on Google Glass where pic searching would be better). Selfies are fine but make sure you keep the same image elsewhere too.

Hootsuite: Your Tool to be the Social Media Star Professionally

Some people play oblivious to facts and figures on the internet. But could it cost you your job? Not, quite literally because you, actually, are do not even exist on certain social sites to the recruiter to lay his eyes on. Now, there are enormous numbers of social sites that you could leave an impression on. That gives a lot of options for the recruiter to explore for the right candidate he is looking for.

Setting things straight, the bottom line is that you need to be on multiple social sites so that you are visible to the dream recruiter you have been eyeing. Be geared up to face the challenge for managing content of each and every profile you make; the trickiest thing to do… not anymore.

Hootsuite is one of those quirky tools to manage your social profiles so easily that logging in to your profiles may seem difficult to you once you start using this. Of course, there are others like Hootsuite but this is our catch because it is the most popular tool for profile management today. Read on to know why.

Faith in ‘FREEdom’
We always believe in getting the best at the cheapest rate possible and there is nothing cheaper than free. Hootsuite free account lets you manage up to 5 accounts at a go. You may also connect to pages on Facebook or LinkedIn to get the latest updates of companies that you are following.

Better organization
With a profile management as this, you can now make different tabs for each profile; within each tab, you create streams that focus on individual groups on that social site. That makes you easy to track of what happened where.

Schedule updates collectively
What’s a social profile manager if it doesn’t broadcast your updates at all profiles simultaneously? With Hootsuite, you can compose an update, schedule an update and share it on all your connected profiles at one go.

If you are a writer showing off your skills, you may use the link creator to provide a link to your work and attach it to the update.

Yes, you can manage your contacts from all your social profiles with this awesome tool. You may also follow them here and check what they’ve shared without much logging in.

There’s so much more to this free tool; if you happen to know Hootsuite more than we do, we’ll be glad to hear it. Share it!

5 Google+ Tips to Get Noticed by Recruiters

Well, this is a unique and pretty unexpected platform for newbie job seekers that are looking for jobs in the internet gung ho but beware – you cannot afford to miss this one. Google+ is increasingly becoming one of the prominent job searching stages for recruiters due to a lot of features offered by this baby social networking site. Therefore, you need to take some real good steps to get in the eye of recruiters in the right way. These 5 simply simple tips may give your profile the much needed attention it yearns for.

1. Update your professional info
“I like to go on rides and make new friends”. If this is how your profile reads, you may consider refurbishing your profile information and give it a professional touch. Companies look for professionalism and your words reflect what you are; they are like the first impression you make when you actually meet someone – at least till the time you don’t meet them.

2. Keep a professional display picture
Pictures speak more than words. Keep a profile picture that has a neat and clean you so that there is not a chance left to the employer to imagine what you may be like if taken on the job. Remember, in the internet scenario, first impression has a huge impact on deciding preferences by the recruiters.

3. Include friends and expand network
Include as many people as you can in your network; the idea is to increase your network so that you are recognized at work places that you have never even visited. This, however, does not mean that you add people randomly. Choose to add people who are in the same field as yours and friends that are actually your friends.

4. Add brands and companies to circles
Yes, it is a social networking site and that is the best part of it. Add companies and brands related to or nearly related to your fields so that you know what’s happening and can get in touch with these companies if they are hiring.

5. Add links to your G+ profile
If you have a project or a work that is completed by you, upload it to a site or cloud drive and provide links for it in your G+ profile. This will enable recruiters to get an overview of what they can expect from you.

Why You Should be Social Media Savvy for Job

Social Media Savvy for Job

Since the advent of social networking sites on the internet, there has been a flurry of pros and cons that it attracted. However, what you need to consider when going social on these networking sites is the importance that they have for landing a good job.

Strange as it may sound but not only job seekers, even prospective employers are on the lookout for profiles of prospective employees on social media. The ever-growing number of social media users means recruiters have a huge pool of job seekers that may become future employees for their company.

According to Google+, their users have reached to 100 million while Facebook already boasts of 800 million users across the globe. Here are some statistics that could give you some good reasons why you should be active and looking in social media:

  • As per numerous authentic surveys, around 92% companies look toward social media as a means of recruitment process. These include 45% of the Fortune 500 companies of the globe.
  • Thing to do: Remember the links they have to their social media profiles? Go ahead, give a “Like” or “Follow” to it.
  • Because of profile checking, 42% companies claimed that their quality of employees have improved to a good level apart from the fact that it takes lesser time to recruit potential candidates (20% companies admitted to this). This is because they don’t need to ask you what you are good at – only if you have uploaded work and other experiences there.
  • Thing to do: Update your profiles on LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+ and Twitter with all your work, if creative, or your work experience so that your recruiters know who they are looking at. Pay special attention to LinkedIn: 93% companies rely on this professional networking site for hiring.

Be careful of what you do on social profiles!

Social media is under the lens of HR managers for recruiting the right candidate and that includes you too. The authentic survey quoted here also claimed that 3 out of 4 recruiters checked on social profiles of candidates even if they did not mention their social profile ID.

Moreover, the information found on the candidate’s social profile made for the basis of their rejections. Anything sexually offensive or comments of suggestive nature were out rightly rejected (67% employers rejected candidates with licentious comments on their pages).

Impact of LinkedIn on Recruitment [INFOGRAPHIC]

When we talk about IT sector, there are constant shortages. And as a recruiter you must always stay ahead of notice when it comes on finding potential candidates for your company or organization. For this you have to keep in mind the online social networking sites like facebook or LinkedIn. The reason that the job board sites are if you post vacancies, you will be flooded with thousands of unqualified resume spam. It will not only increase the time duration but also it will be a very complicated procedure.

In comparison to other online job boards like moster.com, careerbuilder.com, etc. social networking sites are quite superior. People need to realize that online social networking is growing substantially day by day.

Recruiting is can now be done in largely different ways. Considering social networking sites it’s quick, simple and stress free. LinkedIn was basically founded for social networking of people in professional occupations, but now with more than 200 million users from more than 200 countries is now playing a major role in recruitment of employees.

We are pleased to share an infographic here conveying a message how LinkedIn has actually revolutionized the world of recruiting.

LinkedIn - Revolutionizing the World of Recruiting
Source: LinkedIn – Revolutionizing the World of Recruiting

Facebook: New Trend for Job search in 2013

facebook-job-searchThe words Facebook and Work look contradictory to each other. Even a lot of companies and high profile firms have blocked it from their offices as it is nothing more than a time pass tool. Facebook has nearly 300 million users. It is almost equal to population of USA. It is the world second most visited website behind Google. Also a lot of people have been fired from their posts due to inappropriate posting about their work and employers. You should be very careful about Privacy Settings. Actually a smart person can use facebook as a tool to find jobs. Here are some tips and tricks for help.

Privacy Settings

When you are searching for a job on social networking sites like facebook, take care of your page carefully and see to it that your brush up your page or profile before starting the search. Keep your privacy settings to such a level that no one other than the people you want can see your photos, recent posts, groups you belong to, pages and people you follow, etc. In short clean up your profile properly before starting.

Professional Networking

Facebook is just more than a social networking site. There are a lot of resources which can be useful while searching for a job. There are a lot of pages, applications, groups related to job search.

Networking is one of the most important thing for job search on social networks like facebook. Via Facebook you can find out people recruiting employees for a certain organization. You can get a upper hand in getting a job if you find some mutual friends or people.

The easiest way to let your friends and family know that you are searching for a job is updating status. Helping is in human nature. And when asked for in public like status, discussions, etc, you are likely to get helped.

Market Place

Facebook market place is also a good way to get going. You can check out local job listings. You can easily get the name of the person who posted this job. You can either give out an application or even directly connect to this person for more information on this. Although facebook market place is not that compendious you can always refer it as there is particularly less completion on any job posts posted here.

Joining new groups and public discussions are also very beneficial. Be active and get going in the public discussions on such groups. You need to catch the eye of the other people in such groups in a positive and innovative manner. After you are in the group for quite a while, then start sending people your friend requests which are likely to get accepted. The goal behind these things is networking, and once you get noted by other people in your industry for a good reason, it is likely that you can be considered for a job even before the posted publicly.


Actually in the upcoming years it will be quite be simpler to get jobs on Facebook for its net active users. Currently it is not even close to LinkedIn for job searching but is estimated to overtake it in near future.