Employment Opportunities – A Few Useful Ways to Maximize Them


For instance, if you plan on becoming an IT technician, a good idea would be to find internships with companies dealing with this working field. In this way, once you graduate the college you can boast with having a hands-on practice of the future career that will impress the employer. It is definitely a plus for you as compared to other college graduate who has never worked in an internship program in the same field.

Another way to make use efficiently of employment opportunities is to show your availability in working anywhere. For instance when applying for a job that is advertised for do not specify the workplace in the application especially when the location is not mentioned in the job ads. Instead show your willingness to work anywhere. Specifying the location will only limit the chances of getting the job after all.

You need to speculate the social website that internet comes with. For instance, LinkedIn is such a site to offer employment opportunities for people like you. The thing is that with this site you can connect to people who can be of a great help in the future, such as former college mates, former workmates, and so on. It is a route that you should take into account and be seen as a way to efficiently increase employment opportunities.

Once you are involved in the hunt for a job you will discover various opportunities and a good idea would be to make as list of these jobs and keep track of them. In this way you will avoid sending the resume two times to the same employer.

Consider making a follow up after you have attended the interview. This will show your potential employer your interest into getting the job and can be seen as another way to maximize your employment opportunity.

4 Attributes of Candidates Highly Admired by Recruiters

Recruiters usually receive a large number of applications for any position. These applications are sort on the basis of skills, education and experience. However, recruiters many times face situations where the application of the potential candidate looks highly impressive on paper, but when these candidates are called for interview, they don’t come across well.

What is the reason for this? What recruiters look for apart from education and experience during interviews?

These are the traits hiring managers look for in job candidates:

1. Intelligence
Every organization is looking to hire employees who are not just hard workers but are smart workers. Intelligence is one of the factors that make a person work smartly. A study claims that around 76% of the productivity and contribution of an employee is determined by his or her level of intelligence.

Hiring managers test the level of intelligence of employees by finding how good are they in dealing with day-to-day challenges of the job.

The best way to demonstrate your intelligence during interviews is to ask intelligent questions to hiring managers. Questions can be related to the post you have applied for or about the company.

2. Leadership Ability
Is the candidate ready to take charge for the assignment that would be assigned to him?

One of the best traits of leaders is they never make excuses. Companies like recruiting candidates who are ready to take challenges, accept responsibilities, volunteer for assignments and keep the other team-mates motivated.

The key to demonstrating your leadership quality is to ensure hiring managers that you are willing to help company achieve its goals by committing to perform at high levels.

3. Interpersonal Skills
Common misconception is that leadership quality is required only for management position. But the truth is most organizations are looking to hire candidates with leadership qualities even for entry level positions.

In many situations, an employee is required to work with fellow coworkers on a project. So, organizations look for candidates who can work well in a team.

Hiring managers ask potential candidates’ questions like what kind of work environment they prefer or their opinion about the other team-mates in their last job. At some organizations, hiring managers even conduct a group discussion to see how well they can interact with other members of the team.

Show your leadership qualities by talking about a time where your team had faced a crisis and you motivated them and helped them solve it.

4. Self-Learner
No organization has time and resources to spoon-feed any employee. Companies prefer job applicants who exhibit self-development through a continuous learning process.

During the interview, provide examples of projects that you accomplished on your own with minimal management intervention. Also talk about the situations where you needed assistance from your seniors or management.

This will ensure recruiters that your team-managers will not be required to keep an eye on you all-time and that you can manage work on your own in given time-frame.

If you can show potential employers you have most of the qualities listed above, you will definitely become a first preferred choice for the position!

Recruitment Process Going Mobile: What Does This Mean for Hiring Managers and Candidates?

As mobile apps flood the play stores, it’s vital for recruiters and job seekers to effectively strategize their efforts through this channel. By using mobile apps in the recruitment process, organizations will increase their chances of finding more qualified candidates. At the same time, candidates can in real-time find the best opportunity to advance their career with an appropriate recruitment app at their fingertips.

Since recruitment process is going mobile, here are the ways hiring managers and candidates can leverage it for their maximum benefit:

Hiring Managers:

Today hiring managers should embrace technology and opt for using smartphones in hiring process as using application tracking software or scribbled paper CVs/resumes will soon get outdated.

There are many apps available for hiring managers in Google Play store and Apple Play store making the whole process of recruitment totally convenient for them. Many of these apps are so user-friendly that even a non-tech savvy hiring manager can use it effectively.

Some of the reasons employers should seek the help of mobile app for recruiting qualified candidates include: push-notifications can help communicate in real-time, you can access candidate’s profile offline once data is stored on your device, helps in applicant tracking, lets you easily schedule interviews, etc.

An Example of a Good Mobile Recruitment App for Hiring Managers

Cammio: This is a cloud-based mobile interview app that lets recruitersselect the best talent by conducting video interviews with candidates.



Did you know that candidates who apply to job opportunities on the first day they’re posted are 10% more likely to land the job? That means that if you are an active job seeker, you cannot afford to stop your job search just because you are not carrying your laptop with you.

Today finding your dream job is not easy as the employment landscape is extremely competitive. Finding a new job is a full-time job which includes research and then applying to the offerings that looks promising.

Whether you are actively on the hunt for a new company or just keeping an eye out, in this ever-challenging job market, it is important that you stay updated and keep receiving new opportunities 24/7.This is the biggest reason for you to switch to mobile recruiting apps for your job search.

An Example of a Good Mobile Recruitment App for Candidates

LinkedIn: This highly popular social networking platform for business professionals has been proven to be quite useful for job hunters by helping build personal brand, make connections and stay informed with news that interests you right in your feed.


Time to Jump on the Bandwagon:

Mobile is indeed the way all communication is headed today and so irrespective of whether you are using an Android phone or Apple phone; or whether you are a recruiting vendor, hiring manager of a multimillion dollar business, a start-up or a job seeker – it is time for you to download a recruiting app on your smartphone!