Why You Should be Social Media Savvy for Job

Social Media Savvy for Job

Since the advent of social networking sites on the internet, there has been a flurry of pros and cons that it attracted. However, what you need to consider when going social on these networking sites is the importance that they have for landing a good job. Strange as it may sound but not only job seekers, even prospective employers are ...

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How to Make an Impressive Cover Letter

cover letter writing tips

Most of you may have neglected this part citing that resume is more important than a cover letter. On the other hand, some may have paid too much attention to grab the eyes of the employer and messed it up. Here are some tips on how to make a cover letter that may get you noticed and you may land ...

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Steady Paychecks To Fulltime Freelancing

fulltime freelancing

From a 9-to-5 job to full-time freelancing? Awesome! Making your own time to setting up your charges, freelancing has lots of benefits and plus points. But what many new freelancers don’t know is it can be costly as well. After all, you are starting your own business and additionally you are moving on from steady and precise paychecks to variable ...

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5 Simple Tips to Attract Recruiters at Job Portals

5 tips to attract recruiters

Almost every professional person has a job profile uploaded to the internet because, accept it or not, online world is the most effective way to reach out to millions of recruiters. These recruiters are on the lookout for the best talents and you might be the one they’re looking for. But wait, did they notice you? Or did they just ...

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Effective Resume Writing: 5 Tips that Get You a Yes!

5 Effective Resume Writing Tips

Resume is a very important part of your career. It is a reflection of your professional life that you have managed to create arduously over the years. When you create your resume for an internship, you need to make sure that you give all the positive vibes out of it. However, that is not the mantra of a good internship ...

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3 Tips to Become Successful in Freelance Creative Jobs: Part 2


Creative jobs are an ingenuous career options, both at the intellectual level and the professional level because a lot of talent and smartness is required to be the person people should go for. In order to successfully turn into an independent designer, developer, advert pro or anything related to creativity, you need to take steps that not only give you ...

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3 Tips to Become Successful in Freelance Creative Jobs: Part 1


Creative jobs are one of those fields in the professional world where only the best man wins and best men do not like to their creative sides to be told or chained to rules. For these people, doing their job independently is the best way to flourish but beware; such freelancing may land you into becoming poorer with time unless ...

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Competency Based Interview Tips


Interviews can be daunting, especially if you’re unprepared, and many companies will often use some form of competency-based interview during the process in order find out a little bit more about you as a person and the work you have done in the past. Traditional interviews will usually focus on your previous job experience and whether you have done a ...

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